How to Fix Avast High CPU Usage

By | August 5, 2021
How to Fix Avast High CPU Usage
How to Fix Avast High CPU Usage

Avast is among the most widely used free antivirus programs in the world. It is, however, resource-intensive, as is typical with antivirus software. So if you’ve seen Avast using a lot of CPU, I’ll explain what’s causing it and how to fix it.

You want to play your favourite game on your computer, but avast Avast High CPU Usage. It can be aggravating at times. Almost every avast user on their computer has had a high CPU use issue.

Avast, like other antivirus programs, uses a lot of resources on your computer. Many things, such as a shield and sufficient security, demand resources.

These avast services use up a lot of your computer’s processing power. If your avast is using a lot of your CPU, this might cause your computer to slow.

Most of the time, deactivating certain unneeded avast services will solve the problem. An outdated or corrupted avast program might also cause high CPU use.

Avast’s high CPU consumption frequently results in 100 percent CPU usage, which can lead to 100 percent disc usage, leaving your PC nearly unusable. However, it is not typical conduct, which indicates that there is a reason behind it.

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What Causes The High CPU Usage Of The Avast Service?

Antivirus software consumes a lot of resources. Avast’s service includes a comprehensive virus scan, cleanup, and background screening, among other things. These procedures are highly beneficial, but they use a significant amount of resources at the same time.

If you check the task manager for a CPU slowdown, you could discover that avastsvc.exe dominates CPU resources, and ntoskrnl.exe is consuming a lot of RAM.

If the system settings are improperly set up or any unusual entries in the Windows Registry, Avast can utilize more than the allocated CPU.

Incorrectly configured system settings and misconfigured Windows registry entries are the most prevalent causes of Avast wasting CPU resources.

Furthermore, if Avast is out of current or damaged, it may promote excessive CPU consumption due to Avast’s High CPU Usage.

If you have an older or low-spec PC, you may reduce Avast’s CPU consumption without compromising its security by disabling or deleting some of the program’s other functions.

This issue affects a large number of Avast customers, so if you’re having problems, check out our troubleshooting instructions for this issue.

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How to Fix Avast Service High CPU Usage

I’ll teach you how to use these X approaches to fix the Avast service’s excessive CPU use concerns. When at the condition of Avast High CPU Usage.

1. Uninstall The Avast Cleanup Tool

  • On your PC, open Avast.
  • Click Menu and then Settings on the Avast interface.
  • Then, on the left sidebar, go to Components.
  • To uninstall Avast Cleanup, go to the Components tab and click the downward-facing arrow beneath Uninstall component.
  • Restart your computer at the end.

You should no longer have the Avast.exe high CPU issue after properly uninstalling the Avast Cleanup program. Otherwise, move on to the next step.

2. Update Avast

On your computer, launch Avast.

After that, go to Settings and choose Menu from the dropdown menu.

Navigate to the General tab in the Menu and select Update on the right side of the page.

What you want to do now is Update both the database and Avast itself. There is two Check for Updates buttons on this page for upgrading both.

If the virus definitions or application are out of current, run the Update; when it’s finished, the avastsvc.exe high CPU use error should be gone.

Update Avast
Update Avast

It may most likely be resolve by updating Avast and its virus definitions, giving it a shot. However, it definitely can’t cause any harm at the Avast High CPU Usage condition.

3. Fix Avast Service High CPU By Editing Avast5.Ini

Go to your C: directory in File Explorer.

After then, go to the following address.


Next, open the avast5.ini file in the Avast folder and add the following line to the end of it:

[GrimeFighter] : ScanFrequency=999

Fix Avast Service High CPU By Editing Avast5.Ini
Fix Avast Service High CPU By Editing Avast5.Ini
  • Finally, save and reboot your system after saving the avast5.ini file.

4. Repair The Avast Program

In Windows search, type control panel and select Control Panel from the list of results.

Select Control Panel’s Category view from the upper right-hand corner, and then choose to Uninstall a Program from the Programs category.

Locate Avast at the bottom of the list. Then, change the Avast application by right-clicking on it.

The Avast uninstall wizard screen will appear next, with three options: Update, Repair, and Modify. Choose Repair and then click Next.

Follow the wizard’s instructions, and Avast will restart with the Avast high CPU usage issue repaired.

Fix Avast Service High CPU By Editing Avast5.Ini
Repair The Avast Program

Repairing the Avast program will resolve the high CPU consumption issue while also improving the app’s general functioning, so give it a shot.

5. Stop Avast Screensaver Scanning

Select any file on your PC and right-click it. Then, from the choices, select Scan selected objects for viruses to run an Avast virus scan on this file.

When you choose to scan a file, Avast will show you the results after a time. In addition,  will also be shown other running scan procedures’ findings.

After that, search for the Avast Screensaver scan and press Stop to terminate it.

Stop Avast Screensaver Scanning
Stop Avast Screensaver Scanning

When the Avast service uses a lot of CPU, it slows down your PC’s performance and can lead to overheating and other problems.

For other alternatives, consider these best antiviruses with lifetime licenses, eliminating the need to renew your agreement regularly.

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Avast was without a question one of the most widely used free antivirus programs available, but it uses many CPU resources and creates Avast High CPU Usage.

Which some people find unpleasant. If your CPU use is around 100%, it implies your machine is attempting to perform more work than it is capable of. It is typically OK, but it does mean that programs may take a bit longer to load.

If your processor runs at 100% for an extended period, your computer may become painfully sluggish. Using the five options listed above, you should resolve the Avast service excessive CPU use problem. Then, in the comments section below, tell us which approach worked for you.