5 Best 1155 CPU For Gaming – Buyer Guide

By | September 14, 2020
Best 1155 CPU For Gaming
Best 1155 CPU For Gaming

Every gamer is confused while picking up the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming, and it happens when a person does not have enough knowledge and guideline. The processor is the most significant part of your computer system. It is because the CPU instructs other chips and software to run. 

There are numerous LGA 1155 CPUs available, and it very well may be hard for you to choose the best one. To help determine the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming, we have lined up a list of the best five LGA 1155 CPUs. If you have a motherboard of LGA 1155, it is conceivable to utilize Intel Core i3/i5/ and i7 processors on your PC. 

These processors offer four cores, an 8MB L3 store, and a 3.7 GHz clock recurrence. Contingent upon the errand you do, you have to choose whether you should purchase a top-of-the-line best LGA 1155 CPU or a normal one unquestionably worth your cash.

5 Best 1155 CPU For Gaming To Buy In 2022

This article will discuss the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming with complete specifications, features, and pros and cons. We hope to cover all significant points here that relate to your requirements, and you will make the right decision after reading our guide.

1. Intel Core i7 3770

Intel Core i7 3770
Intel Core i7 3770

Money is an essential part of anyone’s computer buying. In our compiled list, we will share the best budget option of Intel. It is Core i7 3770, the best LGA 1155 CPU; you will never get the smooth performance in this affordable range. It has thermal monitoring technology that helps to keep CPU cool while working. 

The Intel Core i7-3770 allows the best HD, 3D, and multimedia streaming with its Clear HD technology. It offers HD graphics 4000 for flawless resolutions; all new titles can easily handle with it. It provides 650 MHz graphics base frequency along with 1.15 GHz maximum dynamic frequency. 

Specifically, it is a monster with DDR3 and Direct X11 for games; its dual-memory support channel gives space up to 32 GB memory. Further, the Intel i7 3770 has 5 GT/s bus speeds to boost processor pace in heavy and multi-complexity workloads.

Overall, the Intel i7 3770 is a versatile processor in a good buying range. That makes it one of the best LGA 1155 CPUs for gaming; it supports four cores and facilitates with 3.4 GHz speed and 3.9 GHz turbo speed.

The decent processor to handle high definition playback, thanks to Intel Clear Video HD Technology.

  • It is an option that can be managed in the budget with smooth and efficient gaming qualities.
  • The Intel i7-3770 is a handy upgrade processor for the graphics designers and video editors.
  • Intel i7-3770 is a low power consumption CPU that run multiple application without taking too much energy.
  • The smart cache technology of intel i7-3770 expands the core in getting to the information and boosting the general performance.
  • The integrated memory controller of this best LGA 1155 CPU is compatible with dual channels, either DDR3 memory or 1600 MHz.
  • However, Intel i7-3770 is a 4-core processor, but its excellent overall performance makes it the right decision.

2. Intel Core i7 3770K

Intel Core i7 3770
Intel Core i7 3770

Many features make Intel i7-3770K a powerful CPU, and the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming, its automatically thermal monitoring sensor provides cooling. Its maximum TDP is 77W that keeps the processor safe with extra heat. However, it is an expensive decision, but its advanced level performance pumps the best out of your money. 

We recommend this processor of severe gamers if they are flexible in their bank accounts. The Intel i7-3770K features with four cores and integrated with a build-in Sandy-Bridge architecture. Once it comes to the fastest speed, it features with a base frequency of 3.50 GHz and supports its turbo frequency up to 3.90 GHz. 

Its eight threads, 8 MB LM 3 cache, turbo boost technology with 22nm 3D transistor provide smooth revolutionary gaming. The i7-3770K is the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming is still somewhat quicker to deal with most applications.

The Intel Core i7-3770K allows the best HD, 3D, and multimedia streaming. It offers HD graphics 4000 for flawless resolutions; all new titles can easily handle it. Sometimes it creates problems in higher setting games, but additional graphics support resolves the issue smartly. It offers a 650 MHz graphics base frequency along with 1.15 GHz maximum dynamic frequency. 

A decent choice for gaming, need to pair it with decent GPU

  • The i7-3770K technology offers you 5 billion transfers with its 5 GT/s bus speed, helping to boost your data transferring pace.
  • The i7-3770K has Intel’s 32nm tri-Gate semiconductor that empowers elevated execution and vitality productivity.
  • The CPU is specially designed for multitasking, and you can enjoy more workspace with sufficient working power.
  • Overclocking is the core part of gaming, and serious gamers do whenever they need, so the i7-3770K offers exceptional overclocking performance.
  • It is a high budget processor that makes gamers think before handing on it, but seriously, it is worth your single penny.
  • It offers various demandable features in its operations, so; sometimes, it looks that it limits the GPU performance.

3. Intel Core i7 2600

Intel Core i7 2600
Intel Core i7 2600

After discussing the best budget-friendly and best performer, let find out something easy in installations. Yes, it is Intel with i7-2600; it is the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming in the sense of very handy. 

Regardless it is 3D gaming, HD media, or performing various titles, this processor conveys the best class execution with the headroom to save. This model is viable with the LGA 1155 sockets to bring you head of line speed, encouraged by the Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 innovation.

Hyper-threading Technology was something subtle, however, pivotal in the second era processors. It 8-ways multicore preparing helps improve performing various tasks, gives more speed to the work process, and helps your figure profitability. 

It features 8 MB L3 shared cache and enhances performance by allocated dynamically to each processor core. The good LGA 1155 CPU allows you to set clock rate dynamically by its Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0. The technology increases the turbo clock up to 3.8 GHz when the workload demands extra performance.

The DDR3 1066/1333 MHz memory and 32 GB dual memory channels of i7-2600 are suitable for decent gaming. Its Advanced Vector Extensions allow you to work on audio codecs, audio processing, and video editing applications. The processor is the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming, as it is convenient for light gaming and personal use.

The CPU is useful in enhancing features like Hyper-Threading, Fast and Flex memory access and AES new Instructions

  • The i7-2600 also comes with an InTru 3D technology that supports 1080 resolution over HDMI inputs.
  • The processor speed is incredible while performing on multi audio and video applications, even including gaming.
  • Overall, i7-2600 is a good and affordable option for light gamers. If someone wants to enjoy good titles, it is an incredible choice.
  • Direct X11 technology is missing in this Intel i7-2600, and this is the main reason that makes it an appropriate choice for average games.

4. Intel Core i5 3470

Intel Core i5 3470
Intel Core i5 3470

If you need strong performance with extraordinary gaming, yet close in the financial plan, the Intel Core i5-3470 is the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming and a brilliant buy for you. It accompanies a quad-core work area processor dependent on Ivy Bridge tech.  

The i5-3470 offers 3.20 Clock speed and 3.60 turbo speed alongside 6 MB Intel keen L3 store. The CPU permits you to alter the clock rate progressively by its 2.0 turbo support. It is an integrated Intel HD graphics that offers 6 Execution units clocked at a turbo boost of 650 MHz and 1100 MHz. The i5 3470 processor supports dual memory channels with the DDR3 interface.

The Intel i5-3470 offers a 22nm 3D semiconductor, assists with expanding vitality effectiveness. When we talk about performance, it has a bus speed of 5 GT/s that allows big files transferring with the minimum time consumption.  

The best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming helps you enjoy a stereoscopic 3-D Blu-beam playback by Intel InTru 3D Technology. Hence, this CPU gives you a complete determination of amusement, encourages you to appreciate shocking visuals, and offers you multi-string execution. Plus, its efficient thermal cooling system keeps the processor safe in high heating production.

The CPU does not feature Hyper-Threading.

  • The i5-3470 is a low budget option for exceptional CPU performance. So, you will get top-notch service without giving a burden on your pocket.
  • If you are looking for a multitasking processor that will give you a hassle-free time, we recommend i5-3470.
  • The Intel i5-3470 has a built-in Sandy Bridge structure to improve performance and provide an enjoyable time ever.
  • The Intel i5-3470 is not right in 3D performance; however, it is still faster to handle most applications.

5. Intel Core i5 2400

Intel Core i5 2400
Intel Core i5 2400

If you are looking for a fantastic CPU that accompanies a decent value, at that point, Intel Core i5-2400 LGA 1155 CPU is your definitive decision. It highlights four threads, clock recurrence of about 3.1GHz, creation it quick and predominant in the gaming part. 

Choosing this will make you overclock the CPU and advance it to the clock recurrence of 3.4 GHz. The CPU expends less force, causing you to spend less on power bills.

While the Intel Core i5-2400 LGA 1155 CPU probably won’t be the most recent, shockingly, it eclipses the new brands today. This CPU can even now be utilized for top of the line illustrations instruments due to its elite. This device also accompanies progressed designs, which considers deep interactivity and makes it a good option of LGA 1155 CPU specifically for gaming. 

The CPU is about 15- 20% faster in multi-threaded tasks

  • The i5-2400 is a reliable and inexpensive choice for average gaming requirements.
  • If you are looking for the best budget integrated graphics card processor, the i5-2400 is incredible and durable.
  • Intel features i5-2400 with low power consumption, and experts find it the best valuable processor with low electrical power.
  • Hyper-threading is missing in i5-2400 but still offers the best out of your gaming.

Quick Buyer’s Guide

The following are highlights that you ought to consider while picking the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming; these elements include:

1. Frequency

Clock speed is measured by GHz (gigahertz), a higher number of methods a quicker clock speed. To run your applications, your CPU should always finish estimations.

If you have a higher clock speed, you can process these figuring’s speedier, and applications will run quicker and smoother, respectively. Some games can easily play in average frequency, but some require the fastest one. Try to find out the faster processor to give you hassle-free gaming. 

2. Cores

For the most part, you need the same number of physical cores as you need. The cores are liable for the total heap of the CPU. Expanding cores make the processor more proficient as multi-cores partition the all-out limit among them. Before buying a gaming processor, you should be confident about what you are going to play as many modern games use many cores simultaneously. 

3. Cache 

A cache is hardware used by the computer processing unit of a PC to diminish the regular cost (time or imperativeness) to get to data from the virtual memory. The higher the cache better will be the CPU at playing out the endeavors that need similar data.

 4. TDP (Thermal Design Power)

CPUs produce heat while overclocking and high outstanding burden; thus, remember the TDP while buying a gaming CPU as overclocking is the core factor of gaming. The Thermal Design Power (TDP) is the most outrageous proportion of warmth that a chip produces, and it measures in watts. The TDP controls heat production and provide a smart cooling system in this manner. 

5. Turbo Boost

The central bit of leeway of having a processor that can turbo boost quality makes your PC faster under the considerable weight. If you run a PC game or an application, your processor thus fabricates its lift clock and gives you the best presentation. That suggests better performance when it is fundamental most.

Still, if you are confused about CPU selection, read our guidelines on how to choose a CPU, all factors have described in detail about choosing a processor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does LGA 1155 mean?

Land Grid Array (LGA) 1155 is a socket that Intel introduces in microprocessors and Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge architectures. LGA 1155 has protruding pins that connect the CPU with thermal pads.

How many cores are best for most games?

Many cores are best for many tasks and games. Some games require more cores as they design to use maximum cores capabilities, but some use only one core with the fastest speed as they do not need extra cores due to their designed structure. Minimum requirements are four cores that are suggested by the most gamers.

What is preferable? The fastest speed or more cores?

Honestly, it depends on workload and gaming. Multi-cores CPUs show up quicker because they can take a lot bigger measures of a tremendous burden than their single-core partners.

What is Data Bus in the CPU?

Hard drives need transport for stacking information in memory. The Data Bus is an association between segments or gadgets associated with a PC. For instance, it conveys information between a CPU and the system memory through the motherboard.

What is the fastest and best LGA 1155 CPU?

It also depends on the performer; the fastest LGA 1155 CPU is i7-3770K with exceptional features but with high pricing. Once it comes to the best, it means the processor should be affordable also, so the option is i7—3770, which comes in the budget with incredible gaming advantages.


We try to cover all the leading and essential features and buying tips for your best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming; you will now be very straight with your decision. However, we all are a bit confused while visiting the market for new hardware, but it can be easier to have basic knowledge of the device. 

Make your mind what you will do with your best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming and then go for purchasing. Our list has an incredible option if you have a massive pocket like i7-3770K.

If you want to save some money, you can pick the Intel i7-2600. We believe gaming processors come and go in every couple of months. Always remember that a good performance will give you success. Either you want to earn from the gaming industry or have some crucial tasks with your CPU.

The best decision will keep you away from many problems. The list may not cover the full options, but if you are looking for the best LGA 1155 processor for gaming, the above rundown may suit your necessities.

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