How To Change Tick Speed In Minecraft

By | August 1, 2021

Tick speed is the frequency at which Minecraft updates, and it can be changed to make gameplay more or less demanding.

If you are a hardcore gamer who likes to play with many mods and texture packs, you would want lower tick rates so as not to overload your computer.

On the other hand, if you like playing on survival mode from time to time without any mods or resource packs, higher tick speeds will save wear and tear on your CPU.

This article will show how to change Minecraft’s inbuilt default tick settings.

How To Change Tick Speed In Minecraft
How To Change Tick Speed In Minecraft

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game. In Minecraft, you’re able to use cubes of many different materials for the sake of building.

You can then breathe life into these structures with TNT, Redstone power, and other mechanisms, giving them the ability to interact with players or each other.

Players are also able to explore the world on foot (or traditional mounts like horses), engage in combat against mobs such as zombies and sheep, interact with survival mechanics like farming food resources to live through the night or attack; another player’s creations among many other prospects!

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What Is A Tick Speed In Minecraft?

Tick speed refers to how quickly the blocks are updated in-game. It can be changed to a certain number per second, the default being 20 ticks per second. This is how fast graphics updates occur.

When Should I Change My Tick Speed? 

Different servers run at different speeds; some are faster than others. The real trick is how quickly the server updates graphics, one of the many factors that can affect how much work your computer has to do to keep up.

– Slow or low-powered computers should change their tick speed from 20tps to 10tps for best results.

– If you have a decent computer with high processing power, you may want to try doubling or tripling your tick speed for a more smooth experience on crowded multiplayer servers and less time waiting on chunks.

How To Change Tick Speed In Minecraft?

Here are a few steps to modify the tick speed of Minecraft in minutes.

1) Go to your Minecraft.ini file, located in the .minecraft folder. On windows, it will be in “C:\Users\ \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft.” You can open it with any text editor, such as Notepad++.

2) Find the line “ticksPerSecond=20” and change it to how many ticks you want per second. It can go up to 64, though I don’t recommend a tick speed over 30 because some graphical glitches will occur at that value.

If this method is not working for you, check out this video. I hope it’s helpful for you.

How To Change Tick Speed In Minecraft

Why Are Some Servers Faster Than Others?

Some servers have more powerful computers running on them to handle more clients at once or higher graphics settings (more chunks being loaded).

Also, there could be other configurations that affect how long it takes for things to update in-game.

Why Can’t I Use An Online Tool To Change It For Me?

You can, but you’ll probably be forced to use an online tool that reads and writes a config file in a tricky way.

That is how most of them do it, although they hide it from you. Minecraft was designed so that users can change things like this manually. This is in contrast with other games.

Pros And Cons Of Changing The Tick Speed 


The pros of changing the tick speed are that it allows you to have greater control over how fast or how slow you want your game to go.

You can change how fast Minecraft is and how it controls how many frames per second (FPS) your game will run.

For instance, if you were playing on a server with a slower tick speed, there may be less lag than running at a higher tick speed. This is because the computer has more time to render each frame.


The cons of changing the tick speed could be that it might make things difficult if the game has lots of activities going on, like if they were in an area with lots of torches, coal blocks, or lava blocks. Also, it would make the game unplayable for others.

If you already have a low-quality CPU and don’t want to replace it with a new one because you have a dedicated GPU and you won’t have to use your GPU to run your Minecraft smoothly. Don’t worry, check out our step guide on how to make Minecraft use GPU. It helps you to run your Minecraft smoothly without having a good CPU.

Suggestions For Other Games That Are Similar To Minecraft But With A Different Type Of Gameplay 

Terraria is my favorite video game. It is similar to Minecraft has, so that’s how I found out how to change the tick speed in Minecraft.

Terraria is also a different type of gameplay than Minecraft, and you have to fight monsters and build up your armor and weapons for fighting. And some other things are different too.

Like how you can fly by building yourself an angel wings item or how if you get deep enough underground, it becomes dangerous to the point where nasty monsters are.

​Other games like Knights Online, Diablo 2, Triskele, World Of Warcraft (wow), Baldur’s Gate, and many others MANY more.

Final Thoughts

I think Minecraft is great how it is. But if you want to change how fast or how slow the game runs, then go for it! It’s really easy to change and their lots of different ways how you can do it.

If you don’t like how your internet connection seems to lag every time you play on Minecraft, try changing how the tick speed so that there will be less lag.

Also, if your computer isn’t excellent, using a lower tick speed might help too.

I hope this has been helpful! If all goes well, I’ll be making how to change other settings in Minecraft in my upcoming blogs.