How to Disable Turbo Boost in Bios Dell

By | November 26, 2021
How to Disable Turbo Boost in Bios Dell
How to Disable Turbo Boost in Bios Dell

Disabling the Turbo Boost can help you get a longer-lasting computer! Lowering your laptop’s temperature and making it run cooler will also extend battery life. 

Some computers, although not all of them, have this option built-in – but if yours does, then disabling is for sure worth checking out.

To achieve maximum performance from our system, we need an optimal balance between processor frequency (GHz) vs. voltage levels controlled by on-die control logic that serves as load distributors across multiple channels within each core module area called “processor sockets.”

Why Is It Important To Disable The Turbo Boost?

Most of the time, if you want to disable this feature, it’s as easy in most cases. For example, if your PC is becoming too hot or the fans are running late, all one has to do is open up their Control Panel menu an option not to use either fan boost setting for CPUs with six cores on board (like mine).

It can set between 2-4 gigahertz speeds depending upon how much power they need at any given moment; alternatively, they may also choose.

Disabling Turbo Boost can fix your overheating issues because of how demanding applications like games make use-of intensive graphics rendering routines. 

It could put too much strain on hardware components such as processor cores and graphic cards. For example, suppose left unchecked by an operating system’s ability underperformance handling them simultaneously without slowing down other functions. 

In some cases, even shutting off entirely due to lack of power-saving options being available within Windows settings where users should.

Step By Step Guide How to Disable Turbo Boost in Bios Dell

  •  Press the f2 key on the keyboard.
  • When the Dell logo appears.
  • A little loading bar should appear then you will get into the BIOS.
  • So you wanted here is either use your touchpad or the arrow keys here.
  • If you can’t use the touchpad on your laptop and from the menu, you should see the performance.
  • So click on the little plus sign to expand performance, and then the version, you can see Intel turbo boost.
  • Click on that, and once that screen comes up, you can see here enable intel turbo boost.
  • You can click and put a tick in the box, default, or untick it to turn it up.    
  • So once it’s turned off, click apply, click OK.
  • Then you can exit, and once your laptop boots up again, the turbo boost should be disabled. 
  • Hopefully, it will be a lot quieter and a lot cooler.
  • If you have any problems, just simply repeat the same process.

The whole point of this guide is to get your new temperatures stabilized and precise sensor readings. Once that’s done, go through the same test again with Turbo Boost disabled so you can compare results!


Turbo boost is a recently added feature that can speed up your computer’s processor when it needs to. Unfortunately, it also means the power consumption for certain parts will be higher than usual, including the motherboard and graphics card; this may affect both performances and emissions in terms of heat output from these components.

It’s important not only how much you spend on electricity but where- specifically which device handles what function(s) within our homes or office.  So if saving money matters more than anything else, consider investing wisely.