Single Fan Vs Dual Fan GPU: Which One Is Best

By | March 23, 2021

It is a good idea to stick with updates and find better tools for a PC’s success, whether you’re a manic game or just someone who wants to complete a lot of workload on their computers or laptops.

Regarding single fan vs dual fan GPU, one thing which can happen very often during updates or the purchase of additional PC parts is that we become confused between versions, variants, and styles.

One such well-known misunderstanding concerns the discussion of single fan versus dual fan GPU.

We compared a single fan versus dual fan GPU in this article, which helps you choose your unit’s best solution.

In comparison, we have considered the following factors: heat dissipation efficiency, dimension, fitting, noise level, overclocking performance, and function and design.

If you’re an amateur or a heavy-duty worker, your high-end desktop has a chance of thermal gusts. However, it could decrease the output and damage components of your computer.

Both the single fan and double fan graphic cards have their advantages and disadvantages. I have mentioned some of the main differences and similarities between the two versions to understand better which one suits your needs.

Single Fan Vs Dual Fan GPU
Single Fan Vs Dual Fan GPU

Single Fan Vs Dual Fan GPU | Which One Is Best

Now let’s discuss the two main computer parts, single fan GPU and dual fan GPU, and their essential aspects.

1. Overclocking Performance of Single fan and Double fan GPU

Now first, discuss what is overclocking of a GPU?

What is Over Clocking of GPU?

GPUs Overclocking is an excellent function that improves the speed and smooth performance of your desktop. However, it releases a lot of heat in the process that can lower your device’s lifespan.

The solution is to select a GPU with a solid cooling system that optimizes ventilation speed and maintains the temperature—both the single and dual fan GPUs sys to control fan speeds for optimum efficiency automatically. But you can also raise or decrease fan speeds manually at your comfort.

Overclocking Performance of both GPU’s

GPUs that overclock efficiency ensures that your PC works faster or faster without getting heated. It causes heat generation, which requires a suitable cooling device, to work like this if your PC runs for acceleration. And we all know that excess heat will shorten your GPU.

You want a GPU that’s able to overclock without being warmed up to get rid of the throttle snag. In addition, the good GPU overclocking performance will improve speed by up to 20%, allowing your PC to run larger applications more quickly.

It also ensures full core velocity for any workload so that more powerful software can run or recover without crashing.

If your GPU’s overclocking efficiency is faster, it is more likely to improve your PC graphics. In addition, it means that your PC eventually has a faster processor for smooth multitasking with mutable players and activities.

The good overclocking performance of the GPU also makes the action smoother, and strong graphics feel stable. Thus, it allows your PC to operate more quickly and provides reduced bottlenecks and latency. Also, GPU overclocking provides the CPU with better FPS for superb video and gaming.

Which Single fan GPU is good?

However, the MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics Card is an excellent option for the stronger overclock and accelerator. Furthermore, when we speak of single GPU fans, they seem to be well able to ensure that your PC works at an appropriate temperature.

However, the single GPU fan does not operate at the best pace. In principle, they have inventory speeds not able to overclock further.

Which Dual fan GPU is good?

The dual-fan GPUs, in comparison, are the best solution for increasing overclocking without heating. They can also ensure a quicker overclocking by cutting throttling.

When you compare, a simple winner is the dual Fan GPU. Regarding the Dual Fan card graphics that has boosted overclocking, the best Selection for Overclocking is Asus GeForce RTX 2080.

It’s a stunning super fast card with a dual-fan that comes with an intense performance at a very appreciative price. In addition, the highest overclocking level makes this GPU a mad graphical beast.

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Final Verdict

The single fan GPU case delivers good results in heat removal when working at inventory speeds. However, in high overclocks, it might not be enough. So it’s better to select a GPU with a dual fan GPU option.

However, the second fan GPU improves airflow thanks to its larger blades, decreasing temperature and avoiding gusts. In addition, both GPUs are equipped with fan/heatsink cooling systems to remove excess heat from the GPU and maintain ideal temperature levels.

2. Fitness and Dimension of Single Fan and Dual Fan GPU

The size and fitting of the GPU will differ according to its type. For example, some GPUs have large dimensions, whereas others have smaller spaces.

If you have a GPU with a regular size, it will ensure good space management. But that’s what the story is all about. The adaptation of smaller GPU sizes is accessible to your small case.

It ensures that your claim has a good position without a snack even after fitting the GPU. Furthermore, having a smaller GPU ensures that your case has better rotating power to get rid of the sun.

It enables you to install additional fans or other sections in the motherboard to meet your needs. The GPU that fits well with your platform also provides excellent performance.

Make sure the heatsink and power unit has good room to help move your GPU watts. They have different viewpoints when they speak about single fan and dual fan GPUs.

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Final Verdict

But you want to make sure you add GPU with good size and fitness while planning to clear your case more effectively. In the case of a single fan GPU, a single fan’s size and space are generally smaller.

The single GPU supplier also ensures sufficient storage space and needs less room for other parts. They are well-compatible to suit larger structures above.

On the other hand, the dual fan GPU has two fans, making it big and needs more significant space. It would help if you had a more prominent or medium-sized case to suit them. That demonstrates that the GPU fan is more comfortable than the double fan.

3. Heat Dissipate Performance of Single fan and Dual fam GPU

One of the noticeable distinctions between a fan and a dual fan GPU is the type of heat rejection. Single fan GPUs typically include a cooling system of blower type, which entirely removes warm air from the case. Dual-fan GPUs, however, consists of an open-air refrigeration device and release the warm air back inside the pc box.

There are several forms of air and water cooler in terms of heat dissipation efficiency of GPU. In general, heat dissipates GPU cooling system output relays that help your PC work well.

Usually, air coolers provide good input heat to solve the higher heat level. However, GPU is a decent water cooler to adjust heat but not the best option.

In addition to these two forms, GPU’s output will vary according to the number of heat dissipated fans. As a result, the GPU Cooling System is a must-have thing if you choose to build your PC to respond quickly with no heat snack.

Single Fan GPU

They have good heater efficiency dissipation with good airflow on the case, starting from the single GPU fan. They have a ventilator that is fast but not effective for heat removal.

In reality, the single GPU fan can transfer the heat in a way that fails to keep other parts cool. As a result, the cooling power is less, but the output does not speed up.

Double Fan GPU

The double GPU fan usually has two fans who spread the air quickly all over the place to maintain a breeze on all components. You also have larger heat sinks and copper heat pipes to cool down your GPU during your PC use.

Also, they ensure that your builds are well performed and ultimately avoid heat. The dual fan GPU also keeps cooling safer than the individual fan. And thus, the GPU for dual-fan cools better.

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Final Verdict

An open-air cooler could offer better performance with a heavy-duty desktop PC, a large, spacious case, and extra fans. Simultaneously, the blower cooler may be the best choice on a small PC with no space for sufficient airflow.

In most cases, there is very little to zero temperature difference between the two types of coolers – around five degrees. Thus, efficiency is hardly affected.

4. Sound or Noise Levels of Single and Dual Fan GPU

Other GPU fans have different noise types, depending on the amount, efficiency, and other aspects. In general, the GPU has a good level of tone, measured with dB. Depending on the speed and fan number, it can be small or large dB.

However, the GPU noise is mostly caused by fans’ speed spinning at extra speed.

However, the smaller fans typically spin faster than bigger ones, making noisy fan noises. Also, the smaller fans are more air flowing, which increases GPU noise during work.

The GPU fans generally deliver good airflows in every spin, except in the event.

Single Fan GPU 

The single fan usually turns faster and provides better airflow that increases the noise. The GPU single fan also enables a higher dB, causing fans to quiet the noise while the PC is running.

They have smaller blades in the fans’ tops that spin quickly and leave the air enormously to create greater noise dB. It not only makes distracting noise flow but also distracts you from working.

Double Fan GPU

The dual fan GPU seems to have two fans made of large blades axially, which allow slow rotation of hot air out of the box entirely without noise.

They also ensure that adequate and smooth airflow produces a lower sound level to rotate the fan blade in good movement. That is why the dual fan is ideal for low levels of noise.

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Final Verdict

The noise levels vary in various GPU variants, depending on the number of fans and their size. For example, a single fan GPU uses smaller fans, thus rotating with the smaller heat sinks much quicker. 

On the other hand, double fans have two axial fans that provide sufficient ventilation with large blades with a more expansive thermal sink.

They can keep a quiet operation without spinning at a fast speed. In addition, because of the low noise in dual fan GPUs, they gain an advantage.

5. Design and Functioning of Single and Dual Fan GPU

The feature and design is another crucial fact that differentiates one and two fan GPUs. The efficiency of most PC constructions is affected by GPU functionality and design to provide good ventilation.

Also, GPU’s functionality and design make maneuvering simple. These characteristics also ensure that the GPU removes the hot air from the case. In general, GPU has three principal styles, including the blower, open, and all cooler. These forms guarantee refined airflow but in different configurations.

Single Fan GPU

The single fan GPU usually has a blower airflow which causes heated air to suck in the front section and blow out of the back.

They have an excellent ability to exhaust air so that fans can spin more quickly and flow better. But the airflow is fast and flows in one direction, and they cannot remove any of the heat from their case. However, the GPU single fan is suitable to deliver strong airflow by fast spinning.

Double fan GPU

The dual fan GPU includes an open-air ventilation system that provides strong airflow but not quick airflow. And fans don’t quickly rotate quickly and give decent airflow. Since in the dual fan GPU, the distribution of airflow rate is two-way.

The dual fan GPU ensures that all warm air flows with low airflow reused in any direction and that all heated air is shut out of the box. So it would be a single ventilator with their higher airflow if we put a single and dual fan GPU side by side to tell the winner.

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Final Verdict

The more fans your GPU has, the greater its performance and quality. For example, two axial fans, a large heat sink, and hot copper tubes are available on a dual-van GPU to dramatically lower the Graphic Card’s temperature.

On the other hand, a single GPU fan includes one supplier and a small thermal sink limiting its cooling ability.

However, in the short time of use, both graphic cards display no significant difference. But,  in the long term, single fan GPU output dumps and dual fan GPU offers excellent heat dispersion due to their bonus fan.

A dual-fan graphic card must be your perfect option, whether you are a high-end gamer or someone with a heavy workload. You will benefit from higher frame rates, more excellent overclocking, and efficient system operation.

6. Price Range of Single and Dual fan GPU

Currently, the prices of GPUs differ in terms of consistency and functionality. Usually, there are identical features on both fans and two fan GPUs with better facilities than each other.

That is why the price continues to vary. Like other PC pieces, the GPU price is according to what fits your platform. Depending on your appetite, it can be high or low.

DEPENDING ON THE PRICE, the GPU tends to have vital components, memory support, ports, and other good features.

Single Fan GPU

When it comes to a single fan, they prefer to get smaller fans, features close to and consistency than dual fans. They cost less than other GPUs, however.

Although their cooling capacity is small, the GPU is suitable for a single fan. They also have no additional features but high parts and quality options, making them ideal for everyone. Even the single GPU fan features include heat sinks, heat pipes, etc.

Dual Fan GPU

The dual fan GPU provides good quality features and extra parts at a higher price. They are also suitable for consistency and additional features that require a higher rate of spending. And they do not come with extra features when you look for a low-price dual fan.

The double GPU fan includes thermal pads, LED RGB lights, sensors, and other parts that make them more expensive. The single GPU fan is good at the price and functionality if we tell which one is good.

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Final Verdict

In contrast with dual fan GPU, a single GPU fan is undoubtedly much cheaper for you. The price difference is minimal, however.

Indeed, because of their reduced cooling capacity and lack of additional functionality, you can afford graphic cards.

Of course, I’m not asking you to obtain top-quality GPUs with a heavy price tag and features that might not serve you. But make a decent budget that supports increased overclocking and delivers a moderate cooler efficiency. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is using a single fan GPU not good?

GTX 1060 is powerful with one EVGA fan. Don’t even worry about anything else saving. It’s calm and friendly. The fan spins faster, so the fan won’t get used faster.

The GTX 1070 is not as good with one fan, but 1060, and it is a great card, especially with the super clock edition. Just buy it, don’t worry.

Is using a dual fan GPU worthy?

Two or more video cards – the so-called NVIDIA card “SLI” and AMD card “Crossfire” will provide improved performance, often even less money than you would be spending on a comparable solution for a single card.

Which GPU fan is more good to use? 2 or 3 fan GPU?

Three-fan coolers provide two advantages over one 2-fan: The exact amount of refrigeration with slower fan speeds means less noise. For the same fan speed, more cooling.

Why graphic cards have a fan?

Yes, because they produce more heat, which a fan can easily control.


This article will give information about single fan vs. dual fan GPU features, similarities, and differences.

The fight between a single fan and a dual GPU fan is close to any other good war. No winner or loser is there. Since both represent individual products and have certain inconveniences, the decision-maker should be the final decision maker to select the right, wise individual.

You now have positive as well as negative sides for single and double fan GPUs. Consider your worth with the advantages and the disadvantages and determine which way to address your needs. Then, to support you somehow, if you’re still lost, let’s make it easier.

To ensure that you have a strong player or user who needs to be on your PC every day for quite a long time, you should use the most fan-involving alternative. While not for that heavy task and for someone who often relaxes their PC, a single-fan GPU is still a good choice.

But even without standard PC tasks, it can be possible to use a dual-fan GPU if you have the resources, thinking, and want to invest in one.

It is your decision at the end of the day, and you should be able to call. Just make sure you have a clear sense of what they all offer so that we can determine wisely.